Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg
10/05 2019 – 05/08 2019

The exhibition displays the best contributions from the 7th edition of the museum´s portrait competition.
Artists from the Nordic countries and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have sent their works.

In the exhibition you will experience a variety of expressions of how the artists manage to portray another human being.
The competition is open for all medias, so you will see paintings, sculptures, photographs and collages together with installations, videos etc.

Leif Haglund participate with the portraits of ”Boys to Men”, in search of their coming grown up identity.

Lördag den 7 juli öppnades

ÅRSTADS mycket tillfälliga KONSTHALL

I det gamla mejeriets vackra tegelbyggnad visar vi utställningen PORTRÄTT.

Bilder jag gjort de senaste två åren.
Och jag arbetar i lokalen under utställningstiden med nya bilder.